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Thursday, May 18, 2017

1st Year DOCUMENTARY PRACTICE Exhibition & Publications

The development of project-based and concept-based work has been crucial in taking the development and understanding of photography further - beyond the concentration on technical and skills-based requirements that have traditionally been the framework of courses at Level 5 stages of photographic education. Instead, students are encouraged to consider the fundamentals of photographic practice, but also the complexities involved in creating larger, subject-driven projects to realization in a public space. The work contained within this year’s Level 5 exhibition reflects a massive shift to Documentary practice in our overall programme. Our module explores the basis of storytelling, narratives, research and contextual aspects of photography from the ground up. We also concentrate on and encourage and exploration of contemporary approaches to the ever-evolving practice of Documentary photography.

Aarif Amod's project represents his journey through radiotherapy with a combination of experimental processes, self portraits, family portraits and still life images.

"We are sisters that are connected to the same passage in life. We have seen and experienced the same moments together. But these experiences have touched and effected our inside worlds differently. We were raised in country Siberia, city Igarka. Then I was about 4 years old my parents moved to Lithuania. My father wanted to come back to his home land before borders will be closed. It was during the time when Lithuania was separating from Russia federation. The time wasn’t the best for us. No matter what issues we had or will have in our lives we always supporting, helping and taking care of each other. This work represents our journey together." VIKTORIJA KACANAUSKAITE 

The selection of works on display fall within two chosen categories – the assigned ‘Family’ Theme and the category of ‘Context & Place’. The 'Family' theme has become an established part of our programme at St Kevins College. Through this assigned theme, notions of Self, Home and Family are considered, explored and represented. This year, our First year students have adopted several creative and conceptual approaches relating to this theme itself and produced some engaging and thought-provoking work befitting the assigned task. The theme of ‘Context & Place’ was selected as a complimentary category.  Several assigned projects and location workshops have been undertaken within the context of representation of place – street workshops in Dublin 8, for example, have become a common part of our location workshops. The necessity to contextualize work - to discuss images, to support images with text has greatly benefitted the practice and enhanced the maturity of individuals practice at an early stage in their development. The small selection of printed works on view, reflect the strong character and qualities of the work produced. Complementary to this we have projections of the full projects developed over the course of the year.  The depth of work viewed this year is a consequence of an ever evolving, ever changing course at St Kevins College                             

Fiona Morans Cyantypes on display at Steambox -  "These cyanotypes of plant structutre which grow on an unmarked famine grave in Dublin, tie the 19th Century practice of Cyanotype processes to the date of the unmarked and lesser known famine grave itself."

JENNIFER KAVANAGHS project & Self-Made Book: "My project represents the short window of transition from childhood to adolescents, through focussing on my own relationship with my daughter. As I tried to capture moments of time, it became apparent that there was also a transition happening within myself as a mother. That as she throws back her shoulders ready for this new adventure, it’s me gripping her hand, trying to get my bearings in this new role which seems to lean more towards that of spectator rather than participant." 

Brian O'Connells Typology of Graveside Stones from generation of relatives buried in a cemetery in Dublin 
Selection of Self Made books as Part of Documentary Practice